Awesome boudoir Session

static_uri=%2Fdarkroom%2Fmt%2Fmt%2Dstatic%2F&data=%2Fdarkroom%2Fblog%2Fblogshow%2F49b5943e2001e%2Fimage%2Etable%2Edat&slideshow=1&ssr=1&autofit=0&show_width=844&show_height=550&background_color=%23FFFFFF&thumbnail_border_color=%23FFFFFF&thumbnail_highlight_color=%23993300&thumbnail_alignment=right&thumbnail_width=100&thumbnail_height=100Well it has been a full on weekend of shooting several sessions. We got some incredible images. 

These are from a Session with Ashlee. I am blown away with how many fantastic images we got. 
Here is a very small sample of what we did. 
Ashlee is getting married this summer and her man will be getting a little black book.