Behind the Scenes

Such a great creative collaboration! Nancy Goemans of Montana Creative on set styling, florist Janelle of Flowers by Janie, and the Perry Thompson Photography team all working together! Can't wait to share some of the final photos but in the meantime here's a little bit of a behind the scenes.  



Collection of Headshots

People ask what kind of headshots I do, well that's hard to describe. I guess you could say what story do you want your head shot to tell..? Here is a collection of some that I have done to illustrate the variety and stories we have told with a head shot.

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Portraits, Parties, Nuptials, & Food

November is a busy month for me, as always shooting pretty much every day. It's always the most busy month to shoot family portraits and business corporate events. I photographed two weddings this month, countless family portraits, several corporate events, a whole lot of boudoir sessions, and several commercial sessions including a fantastic food photoshoot last week.

Here are some of my favorite shots from some portrait sessions and the food shoot.

Canadas next country star album cover

I had a saturday in summer without a wedding but I did a super fun shoot for Tammy for her newest Album. here is a glimpse of some of the images we captured.

Tammy Thanks 
here is what she said 
"Working with Perry on this shoot was unbelievable - I've worked a
lifetime as an artist to develop who I am, the music that traveled a
long & winding road to my first was amazing to have the
opportunity to work with such a visionary like Perry who captured who I
was in a few hours as the sun was setting on a hot summer day.....he's
truly gifted.....I can't wait to finalize the album and put these
photos to great use....."

a working studio

I have not put many posts on the blog lately but we have ben busy at our studio shooting many commercial assignments,business portraits, babies ,families, boudoir. and Oh Ya A destination wedding.

May is the month that our weddings kick in to high gear. here is a small sample of some of the types of assignments I have had in the past few weeks.  

commercial photography in calgary

it has been a very busy month in November I have been shooting a ton of portraits and commercial work. corporate industrial and branding identity photography. on was for the Gretzky Wines brand. it was Super cool to have the great one for a half an hour. after the photo shoot we went into the main room where all of the special guests were. Before Wayne got there most of these people were sophisticated wine connoisseurs then when he came in most of the men reverted to little kids whipping out jerseys Hockey sticks and souvenirs that most had had for 20 years or so. it was a truly memorable moment. it made me realize how much of a canadian Icon Wayne Gretzky is and how he has impacted the culture of our country. oh ya I tried several of the wines and everyone I tried was really yummy and easy to drink.