What to Wear - Family edition

Family photos are so important. Kids grow up fast and years fly by so quickly. Life is busy with soccer, piano, ballet, school, and it's hard to find time to coordinate the kids and find time to get professional family photos done. But these portraits are so important to capture this time in your life and something to treasure and look back on. So now that you've managed to find the time to book your photo shoot here are some tips to help simplify the toughest part; what to wear!
1. Coordinating colors doesn't mean matching - Long gone are the days of everyone wearing a white shirt and matching. Instead, pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in this color scheme.
2. Plan Ahead - You may think certain clothes will fit your kids or that one dress is clean. If you wait until the day of or day before you may run into an issue of clothes not fitting, being dirty or need to be dry cleaned.
3. Textures are your friend - I am a huge fan of a cotton fitted shirt. However, in photographs I like to add textures like scarves or belts to add a little more to the image. Don’t shy away from different textures.
4. Avoid all white or all black clothing - If you are wearing an all white shirt then it is very easy to blow out parts of your shirt causing it to lose its detail. Same can be said with all black, it’s easy to have clipping on black clothing and the detail is lost. You don't have to go bold or bright but try to have some color.
5. Say no to characters - Yes, your little one may love their Toy Story shirt but you may want to skip it for the family photo session. Just like patterns, characters on shirts can be pretty distracting.
6. Look at your home - Is it filled with bright colors? Neutrals? Since you will be hanging these photos in your house you want to make sure the colors of your clothes go with the color scheme of your home.
8. Think of Location - Is there somewhere of significance to your family? A favorite ice cream shop everyone loves on a summer's day? Let you photographer know, we can try and incorporate this special location.
7. Keep it Classy - These photos will be hanging on your walls for years to come. By choosing simple, classic clothes you will help give your images a timeless feel.