a working studio

I have not put many posts on the blog lately but we have ben busy at our studio shooting many commercial assignments,business portraits, babies ,families, boudoir. and Oh Ya A destination wedding.

May is the month that our weddings kick in to high gear. here is a small sample of some of the types of assignments I have had in the past few weeks.  

Calgary Wedding photographer

I was thinking Back for the year and some of the highlights it has been a great year. It started with an Article I was featured in for Phaseone (click on photo for link to the article.)phaseoneperrypage1.jpg

Then I attended the DWF convention in Tampa which was one of the best things I have done in Many years. I was flat kind of growing but I felt I did not have the competative edge I used to, I have had been to a convention since 1991 I used to feel like I did not fit in with where the wedding and portrait industry was so I chose to look towards commercial fine art and fashion for my influence and I guess I still do. what I a realized when I went to dwf ( which Dave Quinn from D.Q. studios recommened to me) was that there was community of like minded people sharing concepts and a vision and are feeding each other. I reallly was and am inspired. I think I have got some of my best images ever in the past year. 
I have met some really cool people in my travels from Yervant to Joe Buissink to Markus bell to  my friend James Day   and many more awesome photographers. 
It find it really remarkable tat I have now been a photographer for 23 years and am more excited and inspired than ever before.