Merry Christmas from the Thompsons

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. 

We had a great time here relaxing and enjoying family. 
I had my kids with me on  break fast tv last week hanging with Santa it was hilarious. 
My 6 year old aksed me a few eeks ago when he was going to be on tv 
he said is was not fair that I was always on tv and he was not. 
so few day sftaer that I got a call from a local tv station so see if I could come on and do photos of santa. I told them I could not unless I was able to bring my kids. The producer said sure bring them on. 
Well they had no idea what my kids were like. they think they are stars already. 
when we got there at about 6:45 ish.  we got settled the next thing I knew was my kids were in decorating a christmas tree. with a couple of other little guys.  
for the next 2 hours Scarlet and Gered were always in the center of the action. I estimate that there was about 20-30 kids in the building that morning but my kids must have been under the impression that the whole sow was about them. not camera shy at all. 
anyway here is a couple of photos you will see.    
by the way the host of the show were absolutely fantastic with all of the kids there.