I believe a wedding is about love and romance. When I approach the wedding I aim to see through that perspective. I also focus on the relationships involved and how that shapes the uniqueness of that wedding. All different relationships are such a spark and the body of the overall emotion that is about to occur. There is the primary relationship of the couple but also the friends and family. I find it very compelling to document the complexity of all the relationships present at the weddings.

I have shot over 1000 weddings in the past 25 years and still love shooting weddings. I think I love it more now than when I started! I have mastered my craft so I do not have to think about the technical aspects and am very comfortable with my skills that I can move freely and become emotionally involved and really immerse myself in the event and in the people!

I absolutely love being a part of my client’s biggest moment in their lives! Actually my wife still makes fun of me because I still cry at weddings while I’m shooting away! It’s a dead give away of how much I really get involved.

Here are some basic pricing, but I strongly recommend coming in for a consultation.

One photographer 4 hour coverage with 20 page album starts at $3200. 

6 hour coverage with hi res files on USB stick and 50-4x6prints $3850.00. 

2 photographer coverage up to 8 hours and a $1500  album credit and hi res files $4500.00
 The consultation doesn't cost anything and will give you a better understanding on pricing and what we can offer you. We have tons of options and can customize your wedding photography and merchandise to your own personal style There is a few other items included in the coverage that we will go over when you come in for your consultation.